My Mt. Toby paintings will be shown at the Oxbow Gallery in Easthampton, Massachusetts from March 2 until March 26, 2023. Opening reception is Thursday March 9. Then on Sunday afternoon from 1-3 pm March 26, I will talk about the paintings with ecologist Peter Grima. We will discuss the magic of mountain: plants, trees, and wild flowers, wild life, and preservation.

Mount Toby is the highest summit of a sprawling collection of wooded hills in Western Massachusetts. Part of the Metacomet Ridge, it is notable for its biodiversity, attractive woodlands, caves, waterfalls (Roaring Brook Falls), and glacial kettle ponds (Cranberry Pond). Used by the University of Massachusetts as a study area, trails are open to the public.

In this series of 36″ x 36″ oil paintings I capture my perspectives and passions about the mountain I love to walk.